EVA Moldings

EVA Multi-Station Machine

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EVA molding machines are vertical multi-station & use multiple molds. The molds are heated which is required for the cross linking of compound material, when the cycle time is finished the molds open and the part rapidly out from the mold (the part literally “pops” out of the mold) hence we use the brand name of POPFOAM for EVA molding products.


EVA Material compound

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Popfoam’s materials can be customized to meet your needs. From colors and compounds to textures. We offer the perfect blend of softness and durability. Our EVA foam material is perfect for cushioning, lightweight and contoured products, while remaining waterproof, chemical resistant and highly durable.

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Multi-station & multiple molds used for production each round.

EVA Moldings
EVA mold with mandrel structure

Efficiency and Precision with EVA Foam Injection Molding

These types of foam injection molds self-eject and use smaller mold cavity sizes than the finished soft foam products and parts. Depends on product size, it could be singe cav. for large size likes a bag or multi-cav. for smaller design.

EVA Moldings
Cooling fixture for EVA molded part

Optimizing Dimensional Control in EVA Foam Injection Molding

Cooling shrinkage is the basic physical property of foaming products. The custom cooling fixture is an important link in the process to help for dimensions control and cosmetic.

EVA Moldings
Hardness measured by a gauge

Ensuring Quality: Durometer Testing in EVA Foam Injection Molding

For soft material products, except the conventional inspection, the Durometer (Asker C) is indispensable to measure the foam density.

EVA Moldings

Dual-Material Excellence: Expertise in EVA Foam Injection Molding

Many products require two different materials, one hard for strong structure and one soft for comfort and protection. Gateway is molding the plastic injection hard part in house for variety requires.

EVA Moldings
Bonding process with a robot

Gateway has unique capability and vast experience for bonding process for two different materials

EVA Moldings
Specialized equipment for bonding process