Revolutionizing Product Design with Advanced Over-Molding Techniques

The power of over-molding lies in its ability to combine materials for optimal performance. As experts in over-molding, we specialize in revolutionizing product design through advanced encapsulation molding techniques. Whether it's for complex product designs or simple applications, we bring our expertise to ensure the highest quality and functionality in every project.



Nowadays, in order to meet various conceptual designs, the injection molding industry needs to use unique manufacturing technology to meet the solution of the final product. GATEWAY not only has 40 years of experience and achievements in special molding technology, we also widely use OVERMOLDING technology & INSERTMOLDING technology to meet most The product needs. In other words, if the product needs an aesthetic or ergonomic design, this molding technology can be used to meet those needs.



Enhancing Comfort and Safety: Over-Molding for Electrical Hand Tools

Common electrical hand tools are almost made of two different plastic materials, and the softer material is to protect the user from the vibration caused by operating the tool.
We are familiar with the benefits of the combination of various materials for users, and are super familiar with such molding technology, which can help designers design a series of electrical hand tools with higher adaptability and product quality.



Elevate Your Brand: Highlight Your Logo with Over-Molding

Over-molding technology is not just a means to add functionality, it is also an opportunity to elevate your brand’s aesthetics. Through numerous successful applications in commercial and consumer products, we’ve harnessed the power of over-molding to make logos truly stand out.

Furthermore, adding LEDs can take your products to a whole new level of appeal. Our expertise in over-molding allows us to create eye-catching designs that will captivate your customers and leave a lasting impression.


Unlocking Efficiency and Precision: Exploring the Potential of 2K OverMolding

2K OverMolding is also call Rotary mold double-material injection molding technology is an efficient plastic molding technology. It can use two different plastic materials for molding at the same time. By rotating the mold, the product can be molded synchronously in the same cycle under the condition of different materials.

Compared with traditional single-material injection molding, this technology can manufacture more complex and higher-precision products while saving production time and cost. However, the implementation of this technology requires a high level of tooling and molding skills to meet your needs.

Simply explain that OVERMOLDING is a forming process of covering plastic material on another plastic or any material. The common combination is to add a layer of soft, functional and ergonomic plastic material on the hard plastic surface, such as rubber material (Usually thermoplastic elastomer), the amount can improve the touch and texture of the product. Different colors or materials can also be used to change or enhance the visual favorability of the product, which cannot be provided by a single plastic molding technology characteristic.