LED Lighting

Gateway is a leading manufacturer for LED lighting products. Our product lines include decorative lighting, home lighting and commerical lighting. In 2013, the company established Huizhou Gateway Plastic and Hardware Lighting Co., Ltd. as its production base in China, covering an area of 10,116m2, with approximately 300 employees. In 2019, our LED lighting business further expanded and established Gateway Lighting Vietnam Co., Ltd. in Thai Binh, Vietnam, covering an area of 30,000m2, with approximately 1,000 employees.

Gateway's product specialties include string light, neon flex, tape light, rope light, solar pathway light (for decorative lighting); under cabinet, night light, down light, desk lamp (for home lighting); and shop light, high bay, work light, panel light, wall pack (for commercial lighting). 

LED Lighting

Gateway: Your Premier LED Light Supplier and Manufacturer

Integrating research & development, production, sales and services, Gateway serves many top brands around the world. As a leading LED light supplier and manufacturer, the company boasts advanced automatic production lines, high-precision experimental testing equipment, and highly professional management teams to ensure that the products from project development, incoming material inspection, production process control, finished product delivery, after-sales service meet the requirements of UL, ETL, and ISO.


Our Manufacturing Capability and How We Make Lighting Products

The manufacturing of LED lighting fixtures is a complex yet meticulously organized process that spans from the preparation of raw materials to the final packaging and distribution. Each step, from mixing PVC pellets to the assembly of LED components and the rigorous testing of the final products, plays a crucial role in delivering high-quality, reliable LED lighting solutions to the market.

1. Making Wires and Injection Molding Parts

  • Mixing PVC Powder and Oil: The process begins with the mixing of PVC powder with oil to create PVC pellets. This mixture is carefully balanced to achieve the desired consistency and properties required for further applications. 
  • Wires and Cables: The PVC pellets are extruded over copper wires to create insulated cables. 
  • Injection Molding: These pellets are also used in the injection molding process to manufacture components such as bulb holders, T connectors, and plugs. 

2. Making Light Bulbs

  • Blow Molding: The blow molding process is employed to produce PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bulbs. This involves heating PET plastic and then inflating it into molds to form the bulb's shape.
  • Bulb Assembly: A PCB board equipped with LED filaments is incorporated into the bulb assembly. The PET bulb is then assembled with the bulb head.


3. Making LED Light Boards

  • Surface-Mount Technology (SMT): SMT is used to mount LED beads and other electronic components onto PCB boards. This method is highly efficient and allows for the precise placement of small components.


4. Making Lighting Products

  • String Lights: An automatic assembly process is used to attach light bulbs to bulb holders efficiently. This automation ensures consistent quality and faster production rates.
  • Rope Lights: The PVC extrusion process covers copper bands and LED boards, creating flexible and durable rope lights. 
  • Tape Lights: Automatic Glue Dispensing systems apply PU gel onto LED boards, ensuring a protective and adhesive layer for tape lights.
  • Commercial Lights: LED boards are assembled into light housings to produce various commercial lighting solutions, catering to a wide range of applications and environments. 

5. Quality Assurance and Packaging

  • Functional Testing and Aging: Before packaging, all finished LED lighting products undergo rigorous functional testing and aging processes. These tests ensure that each product meets the highest quality standards and performs reliably over time.
  • Customized Packaging: Once the products pass the quality assurance tests, they are subjected to a customized packaging process. This not only protects the products during transit but also aligns with customers’ branding and marketing strategies.
  • Storage: The packaged products are then sent to the finished goods warehouses, where they are stored before being distributed.

LED Lighting
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