Drinking Faucets & Water Dispensers
Drinking Dispenser

Gateway began manufacturing hot dispensers in 2012, catering to international companies with our primary markets in the USA, Europe, and Australia. Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in different certifications such as IMAPO/NSF, through our continued collaborations. Our manufacturing bases are located in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, with China being our main factory for hot dispensers, while we offer various options for Taiwan and Vietnam.

As a specialized supply chain management company, Gateway is dedicated to sourcing specified materials and components to meet your unique requirements. Beyond our manufacturing capabilities, we provide solutions that offer comprehensive support for our clients.


Drinking Dispenser

Commercial model

Working pressure: 15~60 psi

Voltage :220 V

Wattage : 2210 W

Tank volume : 15L

Filter : CF+RO+CB

Expect usage : 4000L

Size : 450 x 450 x 1570 mm

Drinking Dispenser

Residential model

Tank volume : 2.5L

Voltage :115V/ 220V

Filter : External 

Wattage : TBD