Since 1983, Gateway Corp. has been exporting plastic injection molds to the US and European countries.

Gateway manufacture a wide variety of injection molds and guarantee to deliver our customers the best value for money, on-time delivery, and great quality. We are a total solution provider, for not just providing the “mold” itself, we are dedicated to provide a full array of services, including process design, value engineering and quality assurance. Our engineers are highly skilled and motivated to fulfill our customers’ requirements.

  • Guaranteed Mold Quality
  • Consistency, precision, and qualification
  • DFM is a well-efficient tool to help product designers to minimize developing costs, drawing error, and time from market design concept phase to mass production stage.
  • Reliable Communication System – We have 30 yrs experience, we understand all your terminology
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Mold built per your spec.
  • Scientific trail to make sure molds are ready to production.
  • Shorter lead time
  • Cost saving for development, materials consumption, and production.